The opposition asks to create an investigation commission on the oppositions to the Local Police of Rincón de la Victoria since 2002

The opposition asks to create an investigation commission on the oppositions to the Local Police of Rincón de la Victoria since 2002

Oppositions to the Local Police of Rincón de la Victoria remain the subject of political debate. The municipal groups of the PSOE, Podemos and IU have registered on Wednesday a motion requesting the extension of the commission of inquiry approved in the ordinary plenary session of December 2018 on the selective processes of local police carried out by the City Council since 2002 to include the last call three-seater police officers.

«As a result of the inaction and permissiveness of the mayor, Francisco Salado (PP), and of the suspicions of alleged plug-in arising in the adjudication of the last three seats of Local Police, we have presented a motion to consider that this attitude is causing damage irreparable to the institution and to the citizens ", the opposition groups have explained in a statement.

The three formations have lamented that "whenever there is a call for opposition there is a suspicion of plug-in and in the present case, before the insistent rumors that the squares had names and surnames before their celebration," the socialist spokesman, Antonio Sánchez, went to a notary, "where he made minutes of demonstrations with the names of future winners, resulting in a full of successes", have apostilled.

In the opinion of PSOE, IU and Podemos, the mayor of Rinconero, as the highest political person in charge of the Local Police, ?cannot look the other way and has no other way but to launch the commission already approved by the municipal plenary in December 2018 and expand it with this three-seater procedure of 2019, since it will be the maximum beneficiary providing transparency fundamentally after the last scandal about alleged plug-in «, they have considered.

In addition, the three opposition groups ask the rest of the corporation's municipal formations to support the definitive implementation of this commission "for the sake of transparency and legality that must protect all our actions." The December 2018 agreement came forward with the support of the then only mayor of Cs, Elena Aguilar, who is now part of the tripartite government, with PP and Por Mi Pueblo. Once the commission of inquiry is launched, the three proposing groups have requested that those who have held the presidency in each of the selection courts, the people who have formed such courts and the police officers that were present be attended as cited selecte

Since 2002 to date, the alleged irregularities that can be detected are not prescribed, PSOE, IU and Podemos have requested in the motion that the conclusions of the investigation commission, if any irregularity be detected, be brought to the attention of the ordinary justice with the greatest speed, also making available to those who have come to the call for oppositions, all the documentation in case their right is interested in filing legal actions, "being the most affected by this alleged plug-in", have nuanced

«Total transparency»

For their part, municipal sources have insisted on the "total transparency" of the last selection process of the last three police officers, as has been defended from the beginning. Regarding the complaint of the socialist spokesman that he would have guessed the three names of the candidates who have taken the last places before completing the selective process, the sources have indicated that it is »shameful that a politician has used something like that, because they put the names in the notary when the notes were already known «, they have assured.

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