«The pain for Julen yesterday is the same as today and tomorrow's»

«The pain for Julen yesterday is the same as today and tomorrow's»

Julen's parents, José Roselló and Victoria García, participated in the afternoon of this Monday in an emotional event that has been celebrated in El Palo for the anniversary of the death of the two-year-old boy, who lost his life on January 13 2019 after rushing through a well over a hundred meters deep in a Totalán estate. José, excited, has insisted that today's pain "is the same as yesterday's and tomorrow's pain."

Together with Vicky, as they know her in the neighborhood, embraced, she has listened carefully to a statement that her friends and family have read. In it, they have assured that the pain of their loss, as well as that of their brother Óliver - previously deceased - is "irreparable."

"It seems a lie that a year has passed," continued a statement explaining that the family will meet again someday and then "the pain will cease." Fifty attendees, at the end of the event, have released balloons that have gone straight to heaven, "for you."

José wanted to thank the neighbors for their love: «I am in love with my neighborhood and with these people, I cannot say anything else about them. They give us support and love every day, they are with us. I only have words of thanks to the people in my neighborhood. "

This is how José has shown himself with his neighbors, who have placed a photo of Julen and Óliver on the ground, surrounded by a heart of candles and a sign that could read: «Warriors who leave their mark, forever with us».

Julen: A rescue for history                                          Juan Cano Alvaro Frías

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