The plenary session is postponed to debate the motion of censure in Cómpeta due to the coronavirus

The plenary session is postponed to debate the motion of censure in Cómpeta due to the coronavirus

The plenary session to debate the censure motion presented by the PP and Por Mi Pueblo (PMP) in the Cómpeta City Council against the current mayor, the socialist José Moyano, has been postponed and without a date for its celebration, as a consequence of the measures imposed by the state of alarm decreed by the Government due to the coronavirus crisis. This was confirmed today by the still mayor, José Moyano (PSOE), who has indicated that he has signed a decree in this regard, while announcing that the municipal group of Citizens, who last February left the government team for Discrepancies with the then First Deputy Mayor, Rosa Luz Fernández, has rejoined the municipal government,

Moyano has explained to SUR that the plenary session scheduled for Monday, March 23, 10 business days after the motion was registered, has been postponed to the fact that both this week and the next one are considered non-business periods for administrative purposes and therefore the The count of days to hold the plenary session has also been suspended.

According to the mayor, the term of 10 business days will not begin to count until the end of the Alarm State. Once this period has elapsed, everything will depend on whether the authorities decide to return to normality or extend the measures adopted.

The motion of censure against Moyano was presented on March 9 by the four councilors of the PP and the two of PMP, a formation that since the beginning of the mandate has governed the City Council together with the PSOE and Ciudadanos (Cs), one of whose councilors left the municipal government in February.

Last week Moyano advanced the possibility that the plenary of the motion of censure could be held behind closed doors, but the declaration of the state of alarm is what has motivated it to be postponed until the situation caused by the Covid-19 normalizes .

If the motion of censure succeeds and the PP candidate, Obdulio Pérez, will be the new mayor of Cómpeta.


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