The PP requires the commissioning of a commission to clarify the situation of the San Francisco de Vélez-Málaga Market

The PP requires the commissioning of a commission to clarify the situation of the San Francisco de Vélez-Málaga Market

The San Francisco 'gourmet' market project continues to pit the bipartisan government, PSOE and GIPMTM, and the main opposition party in Vélez-Málaga at odds. The Popular Party has granted a period of ten days for the mayor, the socialist Antonio Moreno, to decree the creation of the special plenary committee where the situation of this commercial and hospitality space will be addressed and an audit will be carried out on the management of the site and the contracts linked to it signed since 2015. This was announced this Monday by the popular municipal vice-spokesman, Luis García, after the commissioning of this commission was approved in the plenary session last Friday, an

The councilor recalled that last March a media outlet uncovered the news that the market, "the star project in the revitalization of the historic center", had seen the electricity supply to the establishments installed there been interrupted by an alleged fraud in the hiring of electricity. "It cannot be that a municipal building is cut off, but even less because it is directly hooked, without a meter, without a contract, committing fraud, stealing the electricity supply," said the mayor, who has He pointed out that when the members of the popular group heard the news, "we couldn't believe it."

García has regretted that the Councilor for Business and Employment, María José Roberto (PSOE), blamed the power cut on the PP and the municipal technicians, thus trying to divert attention from the "disastrous management" that has been carried out in relationship with this property, which has resulted in it being now without any activity. "Not only has no pole of tourist or cultural attraction been generated there, but rather it has become a shame for our city, as it is an empty, lifeless building where the winners, citizens of our municipality, have had to close after making investments for which they have suffered losses, because the market has never worked, "

Administrative transactions

As explained by the mayor of the PP, property ownership must provide the successful bidders with the administrative means necessary to carry out their activity with legal certainty, so, as well as giving up the space, you must provide the necessary administrative documents for the implementation in operation of those shops. "That is why we have insisted on knowing what kind of permit has been issued to the successful bidders if there were no first-occupation licenses, activity licenses, and bulletins for hooking up electricity and water," added the PP deputy spokesman, who regretted that until the date the councilor has not offered any response.

In the face of this silence, the popular groups proposed the creation of a special plenary commission to investigate in depth what has happened to the market, clarify the alleged fraud and learn how this space has been managed and what contracts have been signed in relation to it since 2015. . "Well then, we already have the commission approved in full and the mayor, if he respects democracy, must decree its creation, for which we are going to give him a term of ten days," announced García, who has urged the councilor from Vela to designate "an experienced municipal technician" to study the contracts made.

In addition to clarifying everything that happened around the market, the PP has asked the bipartite government team, especially the Councilor for Business and Employment, to clarify what their plan is for the enhancement of this building from a commercial point of view "We do not know if new measures are being studied to revitalize the market and the historic center." "I remind the councilor that the people who lived and had shops in the historic center are still there, continue to exist, and we must work to revitalize and consolidate the historic center of our city, for which the PP will continue to vindicate all actions that are necessary ?, he has finished.

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