The PSOE denounces that the Axarquía loses 42% of the funds for employment with the government of PP and Cs in the Board

The PSOE denounces that the Axarquía loses 42% of the funds for employment with the government of PP and Cs in the Board

The measures to face the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic continue to generate debates and confrontations between political groups. The secretary general of the PSOE in Malaga, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, assured this Tuesday in Vélez-Málaga that the region of Axarquía will stop receiving with the government of PP and Cs more than 42% of the funds it received in plans for Employment of the Board with a socialist government in 2018, "this plan allocates 3.9 million euros to the region, in 2018 a government of the PSOE allocated 6.8 million, representing a cut of 2.9 million," has saying.

Thus, he stressed that the municipality that loses the most is Colmenar, with a loss of 73%, 142,000 euros less, when in 2018 they received 194,000 euros from a socialist government and now they will receive 51,000 euros with PP and Cs. "This deserves an explanation from the delegate of the Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, it is not possible to decrease the funds to a municipality that practically maintains the unemployment figures that in previous years", he lamented, while referring to the cuts in Periana, 59% with 70,000 euros less, Algarrobo, 54% with 115,000 euros less, or in Benamocarra, 54% with 54,000 euros less. "All these municipalities are above the re

In terms of employment, Ruiz Espejo highlighted that in 2018 the Board was able to create up to 699 jobs, while in this new call, "500 jobs will not be exceeded and, in addition, contracts will be shorter because they are practically reduced by half », He pointed out. "Over 200 jobs will be lost, only in Vélez-Málaga around 70 and 100 jobs can be lost, which will be of poorer quality. We are facing an insufficient plan for the Axarquía, for Vélez-Málaga and for the province, the cut in many municipalities is above 50% reaching even 70% in some cases, contracts and their duration are decreased. That is why we will continue to insist through motions in the municipalities

In this sense, Ruiz Espejo recalled that the socialists have been asking for "an employment plan for the Board since the PP and Cs entered the government, and the current plan is an extension of the one we already launched in 2018. It is not a plan that responds to the needs derived from the economic consequences of the pandemic, unemployment has increased in the last month and if it is well known that there are many workers protected by the ERTEs approved by the Government, many of the jobs that had planned for the summer ", he said. "We needed an effort from the Board before COVID-19 and this plan is not extraordinary," he added.

Thus, he has highlighted the cut in more than 113 million euros that the PP and Cs government have carried out against previous plans executed by a socialist government in the Junta, "the province of Malaga will receive a cut of more than 14 million euros, 34%, which means less funds for municipalities and less resources for municipalities in the face of the coronavirus crisis, «he detailed. In addition, for the socialist leader, the employment promoted by the Moreno Bonilla government is of poorer quality since the contracts to be promoted will be those of 6 and 8 months. "In Malaga, around 1,000 jobs will be lost compared to the 2018 plan," he said. "Malaga is h

For his part, the secretary general of the PSOE of Vélez-Málaga and mayor of the municipality, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, stressed that "more than 100 jobs will be lost" with the government's cut of PP and Cs to the employment plans of the Board, "are 100 jobs for people who, surely, with the consequences of COVID-19, are having an even worse time," he added.

In this sense, he recalled that more than 100 million euros in Andalusia have been cut from those budgeted by the previous socialist government of Susana Díaz for this action. "To cut 100 million is to cut jobs and families that need it, and when city councils need more support to continue supporting social cohesion going further, we find that the government of the Junta turns its back on the veleños", Has expressed.

"That is why we ask the Board, which constantly looks at Madrid, to look at our neighbors, at the municipalities and at the local level, we are making a great effort so that no one is left behind and that there continues to be a level of quality of life. We all try to recover the local economy with investment plans. We ask that it recover the 100 million cut to apply it to the employment needs of the neighbors, "he concluded.

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