The PSOE is made with the Mayor in Cómpeta after 28 years of PP government with a pact with Por Mi Pueblo and Cs

The PSOE is made with the Mayor in Cómpeta after 28 years of PP government with a pact with Por Mi Pueblo and Cs

The PSOE will recover tomorrow the Mayor of Cómpeta after 28 years (seven legislatures) of governments of the PP. The socialist Pepe Moyano, teacher of vocational training in the specialty of renewable energies, of 59 years, will become the new alderman, replacing the popular Obdulio Pérez, thanks to the support of the two mayors of Por Mi Pueblo and of both Citizens The Socialists got the past 26M three councilmen, that added to the four of PMP and Cs will reach seven, one more than the absolute majority, leaving in opposition to the PP, which was the winner of the elections with four mayors.

Moyano has explained to SUR this Friday that the agreement is already closed, in the absence of specifying some fringes on the distribution of the delegations. However, has revealed that the candidate of PMP, Rosa Luz Fernandez, will be the first deputy mayor, as the third most voted force, while Citizen, Manuel Vega, will hold the second mayor's office. "After 28 years of PP governments, Competa needs a change, the people are very unattended, we are a municipality that live on tourism and agriculture, and there are very few infrastructures," said the socialist candidate.

In his opinion, Cómpeta "was a leading town, well known, that has been declining lately." "It has stopped promoting at tourist fairs, focusing only on sweeping and cleaning the streets," he said. The foreseeable new mayor adds 28 years as a councilor, the PSOE, IU or the PSA, the same that has governed the PP in Cómpeta. Between 1991 and 2007 he did it with Leovigildo López, who previously, between 1979 and 1991, had been a councilor in the neighboring town of Canillas de Albaida. Between 2007 and May 2016, the councilor was the priest José Luis Torres, who resigned to go to work as a position of trust in the Provincial Council. Since May 2016, the control rod

«In this way 28 years of absolute majority of the PP in the municipality are cut and a group takes possession with the experience, the desire and the energy of betting by the municipality and giving it the prominence that corresponds to it in the Axarquia and the whole province of Malaga «, have secured from PMP in a statement. The plenary session of tomorrow is convened at 18.30 in the City Council.

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