The PSOE proposes to abolish the fees for occupation of public roads and industrial waste until the end of the year

The PSOE proposes to abolish the fees for occupation of public roads and industrial waste until the end of the year

The economic measures to be adopted to alleviate the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic continue to confront the government and the opposition at the Torrox City Council. The socialist municipal group, "in the absence of the initiative of the PP, has raised the exemption of the payment of occupancy fees for public roads and industrial waste to all SMEs and self-employed in the municipality and the IBI bonus in the usual home, such as measures to add to those already proposed last week.

"At Torrox we cannot continue to look the other way while our companies do not know how they will resume activity after the crisis and many of our neighbors have serious difficulties in meeting their basic needs. The mayor, Óscar Medina, has to stop showing off his heart and has to make decisions that make the resources of the City Council available to our companies and neighbors, «said mayor María José González.

The socialist mayor has said that "this is the moment in which the City Council has to demonstrate whether it really lives up to what the Popular Party has been selling to us for five years or is simply a tool to support marketing and mayor's self-congratulation ». The PSOE has also proposed another fiscal measure, in this case, aimed at reducing the tax burden on residents who own a home. Thus, they propose a bonus of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) in progressive sections so that the most benefited are the people with the least resources and that directly affects the receipt of the contribution of the habitual residence. "Citizens meet their tax obligations year after year

For its part, the Councilor for Finance, Paula Moreno (PP), has insisted that they have been working for weeks on an action plan that will reactivate the economy in the municipality due to the coronavirus crisis. "We want it to be a perfectly coordinated plan in which no one is left behind so that, despite how difficult the PSOE is making it for us, it can be really effective in the economic recovery," he said. In this sense, Moreno has considered that it is the central government "that exerts the greatest fiscal pressure on citizens", for which he has asked the local socialist group for their support in requesting the elimination of the quota of self-employed or t

Tax pressure

"We are very afraid that we will not be able to count on the support of those who have never lowered the tax burden on Torroxeños," he said. The mayor added that the residents of Torrox "trust us because they have already seen that we fulfill our commitments, as we have done by going down, and we will continue to lower the IBI or as we have already reduced the inheritance tax to 99%, which it is the maximum allowed by law. When the PSOE has done something like this? He asked himself.

In the same way, he recalled that last April, the mayor already decreed a series of first extraordinary measures in the field of application of the taxes and revenues of public law that the City Council manages «to transfer a lower tax impact and that would offer a certain relief to citizens during this exceptional situation, specifically those referring to public rates and prices for the occupation of public roads and sports, among other measures «.

"We are sure that citizens know that the measures will come as soon as possible and will be useful. Everything else is toasts to the sun of those who never did anything to lower the fiscal pressure on the neighbors and who could rectify now by asking Pedro Sánchez to think more about all those small and medium-sized companies that have already been forced to close, or are they will see shortly, by the bad management of the central government of the state of alarm ", the mayor has finished.

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