The Spanish Tropical Association announces mobilizations against irrigation cuts

The Spanish Tropical Association announces mobilizations against irrigation cuts

Farmers in the tropical sector are not willing to remain silent and do nothing while watching the Andalusian Administration cut the water supply for irrigation due to drought without taking measures aimed at providing producers with other alternative water resources . The cut, which has entered into force this November and will remain until the end of January, next entails a reduction of 25 percent of the water allocated to the irrigation region of the Axarquía region with water stored in the La Viñuela reservoir compared to last hydrological year, which means 1,000 cubic meters less per hectare per year (from 4,000 cubic meters to 3,000).

For the president of the Spanish Tropical Association, Javier Braun, this cut can mean the loss not only the loss of harvest for farmers, but also of trees.

«There are wells that are running out, since there is no rainfall. And everything indicates that at the end of January the restrictions will harden, since there are no rain forecasts this November, ?said Braun.

Given this situation, the Tropical Association has ensured that from the collective mobilizations are being studied to demand administrations measures aimed at guaranteeing water to a sector that, for Braun, has transformed the economy of the Axarquia by being a generator of employment and wealth.

«The tropical sector is vital for the economy of both the Axarquía and the coast of Granada. Here we protest because it does not rain and no investments are made to provide the sector with alternative resources. On the coast of Granada they do it because they have a dam with water, that of Rules, but they have no conduits through which they can receive it to be able to water, ?said Braun.

In the case of the eastern region of Malaga, the president of the Spanish Tropical Association recalls that the group has been requesting works and actions to guarantee water to the tropical for more than five years. «However, we are still awaiting the use of reclaimed water. Nothing has been done to transfer water to irrigate from other less deficient areas that throw resources into the sea, when here we have the largest capacity reservoir in Malaga (165.4 cubic hectometers), but where we only have 50 cubic hectometers stored », He has lamented.

For Braun, it is also not permissible for the Board to establish a permanent device to guarantee the cleaning of the network of tunnels whose purpose is to carry water from the channels of the rivers and streams Cueva, Solano, Seco, Alcaucín, Bermuza, Almanchares, Granados and Rubite, located on either side of the dam, to the reservoir.

The association of tropical presented at the time a list of 40 measures including the connection of the wells of the river Chillar and that of the Molino de la Monjas for supply, others of the Vega del Río Vélez and the use of purified water from the Vélez and Rincón de la Victoria WWTPs, as well as the cleaning of the tunnels, lead water from different basins in the area to the La Viñuela dam, in addition to the use of reclaimed water from the sewage treatment plants in Algarrobo and Torrox, proposed that the group considers to be acceptable.

For the president of the association, the measures carried out to guarantee water to the tropical sector must also take into account the plantations located above level 140 of the Guaro plan.

Braun has announced that if they do not see any movement by the administrations to solve the problem of lack of water, they will begin a round of contacts with all the social agents of the region to begin preparing demonstrations and protests.

«We cannot stand still while we see that we can lose our farms and the economy of the region. Tropical fruit trading companies each employ between 100 and up to 500 people, jobs that are permanent, ?he said.

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