The spokesman of IU in Rincón de la Victoria resigns his act for labor incompatibility

The spokesman of IU in Rincón de la Victoria resigns his act for labor incompatibility

The number one candidate of Izquierda Unida in the last elections of May 26 and elected councilor in the City of Rincon de la Victoria, Enrique Bonilla, has resigned on Thursday his act for labor incompatibility, so he will not take possession in the plenary session. investiture scheduled for 11.00 am this Saturday. The local leadership has chosen as spokesperson the number two on the list, Rocío Calderón, who together with José Luis Gómez will form the municipal group in this Consistory, while Bonilla has been elected coordinator of the party.

Since the local formation they have moved their apologies to those voters "who may have been disappointed by this decision", but have promised that they will work leaving "the skin so that the change arrives at Rincon de la Victoria, making a firm and committed opposition" with the citizenship of the municipality. In Rincon the PP will govern with My People and Citizens, adding 12 of the 21 councilors, and the candidate for re-election, Francisco Salado, will also have the support of the only mayor of Vox, José Antonio Rodríguez, in the investiture of this next Saturday.

Enrique Bonilla has explained in a letter the reasons for his resignation, admitting that he presented himself as a candidate "with the conviction that the citizens of this municipality would give more support to the leftist forces". "It has not been like that and the government pacts leave us in opposition. We must assume it and start working now and convince about our government proposals, "he says. Bonilla indicates that being a public employee of the City must choose "between remaining as a spokesperson for the opposition group and temporarily abandon my job or leave my council minutes and continue with my work as before".

"You will tell me if we did not know that when my candidacy was presented. Of course, but we left with the intention of achieving the long-awaited change, "he says, adding that in the conditions in which the spokespersons of the political groups are in the Consistory, despite" the attempt to dignify them, I It is impossible to take on that challenge because it directly affects my personal life and my family responsibilities to a much too high degree. " "Fortunately I have a job with which to earn a living and that does not depend on politics," he adds.

Thus, underlines the entry of the new IU councilor, who was number three on the list on May 26, José Luis Gómez, "friend and partner", as well as the new spokeswoman, Rocio Calderón. "We are not a personalist training, the challenge of taking our proposals forward is up to them, with the support of our organization and of course with mine. In that there is not half a step back, "says Bonilla, who has apologized for the decision to renounce the record:" It hurts and hurts me but I have no choice but to choose this path ".

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