The Sports area of ??the Nerja Town Council proposes activities against confinement

The Sports area of ??the Nerja Town Council proposes activities against confinement

Given the situation of confinement, the Sport Area of ??the Nerja Town Council aims to motivate all people to stay active, taking advantage of the contributions of sports practice. For this, proposals for activities that help overcome apathy, discouragement, boredom, and sedentary lifestyle will be uploaded daily to the Facebook page of the Municipal Sports Council.

The activities, which do not require special material, but are adjusted to what we usually have at home, are classified into five groups. The first is of games, challenges and popular activities, which brings together recreational-sports proposals for young and young people, combining entertainment and sport for personal activation. The second is Initiation, for those who want to introduce themselves and carry out a very basic activity. The third is physical conditioning, with general activities and exercises aimed at maintaining shape. The fourth is aimed at our elders, many of them already integrated into municipal active aging programs. The fifth is relaxation (yoga and tai chi) co

Sport and health are closely linked, and there are innumerable benefits, both physical and psychological, that they offer us. In the reality that we are going to live, it becomes even more necessary to have an active mind, a work routine and a motivation to keep our spirits as high as possible. The occupation of the mind, the perception of some chores, the physical activation, will bring us a help that will make it easier to overcome this day to day within our homes.

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