The treatment plants of the Axarquía could contribute 15 hm3 per year for the irrigation of the tropical

The treatment plants of the Axarquía could contribute 15 hm3 per year for the irrigation of the tropical

The treatment plants in the Axarquía region could contribute, once regenerated, about 15 cubic hectometres of water per year for the irrigation of tropical crops. It is about three-quarters of the current endowment that the Guaro plan's irrigable area has, located below the 140 level of the reservoir, with water from the Viñuela reservoir (22 hm3 per year). This has been stated today by the public water company of the Commonwealth of Axarquía, Axaragua, which is in charge of water management at the top of the reservoir, and the company Trops, the largest producer and marketer of national mango, during the presentation of the results of a test carried out with reclaimed water in

According to Trops, with optimal equipment in the treatment plants, this resource could be used without having to dump it into the sea.

The president of the Eastern Commonwealth, José Juan Jiménez, has also expressed himself in similar terms, noting that they are aware of the limited water resources that the region has, ?but also of the importance that subtropics have in the economy of the same and in the job opportunities offered to our neighbors. For this reason, Axaragua has a commitment to the agri-food sector and we have been working on it for a long time. We have done it hand in hand with institutions and private companies with the sole intention of taking advantage of the reclaimed water that we get in purification to make it available to our farmers ».

According to Axaragua, only the Vélez WWTP will contribute 5 hm3 per year of reclaimed water, of the 10 that treated, to the Central Board of Users of the South of Guaro, after the Board has made a temporary concession of the same for two years. The community of irrigators will mix the reclaimed water with the water from wells and the reservoir to supply it to their farmers, once they have the final approval. According to the vice president of Axaragua, Gregorio Campos, this step could take place in a few days.

The four treatment plants that Axaragua manages (Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga, Algarrobo and Torrox), with the appropriate tertiary equipment, would be able to contribute to the irrigation system between 9 and 10 hm3 per year, half of what it receives of the swamp annually. Currently, only the Rincón de la Victoria WWTP allocates reclaimed water to the Añoreta golf course.

These data were released during the press conference that Trops and Axaragua offered today at the SAT facilities to present the results of a test carried out on a mango crop with reclaimed water. This is a pilot test that started in 2012, with the collaboration of the Department of Hydrogeology and Analytical Chemistry of the University of Almería, whose initial results show that the reclaimed water from tertiary treatment can be used as a complement for mango cultivation in periods drought.

During the trial, Trops has carried out periodic analyzes of the state of the soil, water quality, foliar analysis of the trees and the quality of the fruit produced. The main conclusion is that the fruit meets Trops' demanding quality standards. The study had three test lines, one with 100% regenerated water, another 50% and a third with 100% non-regenerated water, and in all three the quality of the fruit was the same, according to the chief. from the Trops technical department, David Sarmiento.

For the president of Trops, José Lorca, the subtropical is the sector thanks to which "Axarquía lives", which is why it is essential that administrations implement the necessary water infrastructures to put an end to the problem of lack of water. "We are in a region where it does not rain enough, while the cultivation of subtropics continues to increase, but thanks to this the Axarquía is living and avoiding this crisis", said Lorca, for whom "if there is no water, there are no Trops , because there will be neither mangoes nor avocados ».

The vice president of Axaragua, Gregorio Campos, has advanced that the challenge is to carry out a similar trial on an avocado crop. The mango trial was carried out at the Rincón de la Victoria WWTP facilities, where Axaragua has a plantation of 100 mango trees.

In the Axarquía region there is at least one other irrigation community, which has been waiting for years for the Board to authorize the use of reclaimed water from the Algarrobo WWTP for irrigation. Likewise, the municipalities of El Borge and Almáchar are working together to obtain a concession that allows them to use the regenerated WWTP shared by both towns in order to allocate the resource to agricultural irrigation.

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