The woman killed in La Viñuela told a friend that she "was afraid" of her partner

The woman killed in La Viñuela told a friend that she "was afraid" of her partner

Adela was "afraid" of her partner. He told one of the friends with whom he had more confidence through WhatsApp messages in which he also asked them to meet to talk and detail his feelings. «He told me that he was scared and worried», this close friend of the woman murdered in La Viñuela said on February 13, 2018. He did so during the third session of the trial held this week at the Provincial Court against José OT , accused of killing Adela with more than thirty stabs and facing a 25-year prison sentence for murder.

This witness has confirmed that Adela and the defendant had a romantic relationship for about four months before the homicide. The different witnesses of the environment close to the woman have only been able to confirm that they had been seeing someone for a while, that they went to the house ?at untimely hours? and that ?they talked a lot on the phone?, as the former father and sister of the deceased "I told him he was a bad man, to leave him," said the ex-mother-in-law, who was also Adela's neighbor. As confirmed in the days following the event and as stated in the hearing on Wednesday, the defendant has a criminal record for gender-based violence (seven compl

However, the friend who contributed the WhatsApp messages during the instruction has refuted before the questions of the prosecutor, Flor de Torres (specialist in Gender Violence), that "outside the family environment" was known to "maintain a relationship" With the processing. At one point he confessed that the concern he felt, "focused on the couple," prevented him from sleeping at night. As for the identification of José OT (who was located that same night in Marbella, driving and full of Adela's blood) this witness has ratified in the trial session on Wednesday that his friend showed him a photo of his new partner, which corresponds to the defend

He has also declared the victim's son. His testimony is key in the cause, since when he left his mother's house he crossed with the defendant, driving towards her house, shortly before the lifeless body was located by the ex-father from Adela. The son has corroborated what he explained to the agents and the investigating judge in his day, and has said that "he had only seen him two or three times", and that he did not know the nature of the relationship between his mother. "I knew they looked and were called."

In addition, they have also declared the different agents of the Civil Guard who participated in the investigation of the event and in the protection of the scene, which some have described as "Dantesque" and "of special violence." Both in the statements and in the expert analysis of the evidence against José OT, the expert agents agree that the blood tracks lead from the bedroom of the house to the small esplanade in which the accused used to park his car (fact corroborated by all witnesses). In addition, DNA analysis confirms that there were biological remains of Adela's partner in the knives that were found at the scene.

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