The woman who reported in Nerja that her husband would flee with their children said that tried to suffocate

The woman who reported in Nerja that her husband would flee with their children said that tried to suffocate

The Civil Guard surprised him when he was about to get on a plane to leave the country with his four children. The agents detained him accused of an alleged crime of mistreatment of his wife, who only a few hours earlier had reported him at the Armed Institute post in Nerja, claiming that the man had tried to suffocate her with the mobile phone charger.

The young woman, of Swedish nationality and of 28 years of age, related to the agents of the Nerja post all that had led her to denounce her husband. He explained that he was with him in his house, located in the Granada municipality of Almuñécar. Apparently, the man's cell phone was not working, so he was moody.

The young woman told the Civil Guards that they were in the kitchen and that she tried to fix the phone charger, since it did not work either. He said he refused her help, yelling at him to leave, since he was not a man to help out with anything. It was just after he told me that he put the charger cable around his neck and that he squeezed it until she managed to break free and take refuge in the bathroom.

She only left there when she heard her two-year-old daughter, always according to her story, a moment that, supposedly, her husband took advantage of to grab her and beat her. Later, the young woman told the agents, ordered her to take a shower and go to school to pick up the children. But when he returned, he said that he despised them and sent them to the street, asking for their forgiveness when they returned hours later.

Before the agents, to whom he confessed that it was not the first time that he suffered an episode of mistreatment, he gave another key clue. He indicated that he had received an email to an account that he has half-way with the arrested man in which there were some plane tickets for Sweden.

Threats of death

She stated that she called her husband and that he threatened to kill her if he returned home, in addition to telling her that he was going to take the four children to Sweden and that he would never see them again. Before this story, the Civil Guard agents immediately established a device in the airport of the costaloseña capital in case they located him.

Hours later, he was identified around five in the morning last Thursday at the airport facilities accompanied by the four minors. Therefore, the civil guards proceeded to arrest him, accused of an alleged crime of ill-treatment, after which he was brought to justice.

Specifically, a statement was taken in the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Torrox, which was acting as guard. Finally, the magistrate released him, although investigated for an alleged crime of ill-treatment. Also, as a precautionary measure, he forbade her from approaching less than 500 meters from her partner and minors, as well as communicating with them. From the Superior Court of Justice (TSJA) reported that the court of Malaga is going to inhibit those of Almuñécar (Granada), since it was in this town where, allegedly, the episode of mistreatment took place.

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