The works of the treatment plant will resume next week with a term of eight months

The works of the treatment plant will resume next week with a term of eight months

After several months of waiting and when the project adds more than three years of delay with respect to the date foreseen in the initial contract, next week the works will be resumed to complete the first Nerja treatment plant. Thus, at least, yesterday announced sources of the subdelegation of the central government in Malaga, who explained that the pending work, contemplated in a modified project, will be executed by the Lantania company, which was left with the action after the bankruptcy of the first winning firm, Isolux-Corsán-Corviam, in the summer of 2017.

The pending actions include the installation of the submarine emissary on Burriana beach, as well as the connection of the collectors in several urban sections, such as the Mirador del Bendito, the link between Jaén and Diputación street and Almería street, among other enclaves. The modified project will allow the incorporation of eight of the eleven dumping points not initially planned. The pending works are expected to last eight months, to which another six tests will have to be added, so that the plant would not be operational until the beginning of 2021, five years after what was initially contemplated in the contract.

The works add up to more than three years of delay with respect to the date initially foreseen in the award contract, signed in November 2013 with the company Isolux-Corsán-Corviam, for 23.24 million euros. The City Council informed last May that the execution of the treatment plant was at 90 percent, but the completion was conditioned to the modification in the project. The works of the WWTP have been delayed, fundamentally, by the financial problems of the company, which broke down in 2017.

The action is still pending the completion of the electrical connection and the authorization of discharges into the sea by the Junta de Andalucía. Until the Nerja treatment plant does not enter the tests, the amount of the sanction imposed on the central government, from the European Union, will continue to increase for breaching the objectives of integral sanitation in 2011, at a rate of 1.5 million euros for each semester that It goes on without finishing the works. To this amount are added the 12 million that Spain has already paid for not having lists, among others, the treatment plant of the easternmost town of the province.

Forum Complaints

Just yesterday, the Sanitation Forum, which brings together businessmen and administrations, denounced the great delay that this project accumulates to reach zero discharge on the Costa del Sol. The works of drafting the project and execution of the works of the first sewage treatment plant Nerja were awarded by the then Ministry of Environment at the end of 2012, with a budget of 23.24 million euros, which is fully financed by the central government.

The draft, prepared by the Junta de Andalucía, set the expected cost of 42 million euros in 2010. The plant will have a capacity to treat up to 25,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day, with tertiary treatment for later use, the equivalent of a population of 125,000 inhabitants.

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