They ask for help so that a four-year-old girl from Vélez-Málaga does not lose all her limbs after suffering sepsis

They ask for help so that a four-year-old girl from Vélez-Málaga does not lose all her limbs after suffering sepsis

Jairo and Marina are the parents of Carlota, a girl from Vélez-Málaga who turned 4 years old in August, admitted to the Maternal Hospital after suffering sepsis from streptococcus bacteria. The nightmare that these young people are experiencing, aged 29 and 23, respectively, began on August 4, when the minor presented a severe gastroenteritis and high fever. After taking her to the health center and from there to the Regional Hospital, at 9:30 p.m. she was admitted very seriously to the Maternal Hospital, after diagnosing the infection in her blood. He has been there for 40 days and the doctors have told him that they have to amputate all four limbs due to the ischemia produced by t

The case is identical to that of the Marbella-born Sarah Almagro, who lost all four limbs in 2018. Although desperate, the parents of the little girl from Vélez-Málaga have decided to seek a second opinion. They have done it through Dr. Ruano, who has determined that it is possible to wait 15 days, since on September 4 the Maternal specialists had planned to intervene on the girl. Thus, Jairo and Marina have contacted the prestigious doctor Cavadas, in Valencia, who has assured them in a report that it is possible to keep three of the four limbs.

«Here they tell us that they have to amputate the right hand completely and the left foot the same, the right foot up to the heel and the fingers of the left hand. Doctor Cavadas has explained to us in a report that he could retain more members, ?explains Jairo, an employee at the Veleño Crespo City Council concessionaire, with a temporary contract. "We do not have the necessary money, we do not even know yet how much the operation would cost in Valencia, but only the transfer costs 6,000 euros and the stay in the Hospital would be 200 euros per day in the ward and 600 euros in the ICU", he adds visibly affected.

Therefore, they have opened a page on Facebook to raise funds, a goal in which time runs against them. "We have to be aware of whether the necrosis progresses and the open wounds become infected, then we would have to intervene urgently because his life would be in danger," he says. "We know it is risky, but we want to try", confesses the parent, who appreciates the understanding that the Maternal doctors have had. "They are giving us a great deal," he adds.

The parents have been "almost without sleep" for 40 days, continuously glued to the bed where their daughter is. "Right now it seems that he is responding well, his organs are working on their own," says the father. This Monday they plan to publish on the social network Facebook the account number in which they will collect the donations after creating the page this Sunday. "We are a humble family and the admission, treatment and operation have to be in a private clinic and the costs are very high, making it impossible for us to deal with everything that comes our way no matter how much we want to," he says. "We need urgent help in any way, not just

Above, Carlota in the Maternal, bottom left before suffering septicemia and to the right, also in the hospital center. / SOUTH

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