They capture for the third time the fox 'Velecito', which will be transferred to a reserve in Ojén

They capture for the third time the fox 'Velecito', which will be transferred to a reserve in Ojén

The fox 'Velecito' does not know how to live in freedom in the countryside and prefers the comfort of the promenade and the port area of ??Caleta de Vélez. After the last month the animal was captured twice in La Cala del Moral and Torre del Mar, on Monday, the animal collection service of the company Don Animal, based in Rincon de la Victoria, has returned to pick up this copy of fox, after receiving a call from the Local Police of Vélez-Málaga to find him wandering around Caleta de Vélez. The animal will be transferred to the Ojén Ecological Reserve, a nature park in which there are diverse wildlife.

It has been around three o'clock in the afternoon when the service professionals arrived, who have found the collaboration of the neighbors, as reported by the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol Oriental-Axarquía. "They had cornered him in a zone of bars and one of them put him in a car", they explained, while they said that after the capture by the specialists of Don Animal, they have taken him to the park facilities animal health where food and water have been served.

Subsequently, 'Velecito' has been inspected by the veterinarian who has dewormed it internally and externally, as happened last week. In the review they have detected that in the left eye it has a keratitis. "This injury is what has led professionals to determine what could be the one that leads the fox to travel urban areas," they explained. "Having a lack of vision, he finds it difficult to find food in the countryside, so for his survival he goes to places that are easier for him, such as the beach or the port of La Caleta, where he finds fish or trash," they commented. .

In fact, on Sunday, at seven o'clock in the morning, professionals from the zoosanitary park went to Torre del Mar where they were required by the Local Police to receive several calls warning that they had seen the fox. So after the assessment of the veterinarian, it has been decided to take 'Velecito' to the Ecological Reserve of Ojén, "where you can receive all the food and health care required in the natural environment," they said.

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