They execute a shock plan to clean green areas against the coronavirus

They execute a shock plan to clean green areas against the coronavirus

The Department of Environment of the City of Rincón de la Victoria has reported the implementation of a shock plan for clearing, cleaning and maintenance of different green areas and areas in the municipality, activities that due to the state of alarm by the COVID-19 pandemic could not be carried out. The mayor of the area, Sergio Díaz (PP) has said that it is a reinforcement of cleaning that began last week in areas such as Cotomar and Lo Cea, Victoria Park, Garcés, Totalán Avenue, Añoreta, promenades, beaches, and walk lanes. In addition, these tasks are expected to begin shortly in other urbanizations, avenues and Los Acantilados, where vertical work and cleaning of waste will

According to Díaz, «the device is made up of about 45 people who are in charge of improving and restoring these areas on a daily basis through Plan Renta personnel, a specific team from the EMMSA cleaning service, and through local external companies that, in addition It will generate employment during the different phases of this crash plan. " The mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), highlighted "the need to carry out these comprehensive cleaning actions urgently after the de-escalation phase. The purpose of this plan is to fine-tune these open spaces as soon as possible, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of residential and leisure areas, in addition t

As explained by the councilman, "the actions will last for a month and a half approximately located in various parts of the municipality where work will be done to clear wild vegetation that during all this time has invaded part of the road, street cleaning and maintenance in the green areas". This shock plan joins the special cleaning and disinfection device that is being carried out since the start of the state of alarm in the municipality, in more sensitive areas and with a greater influx of citizens. In addition, it is part of the Reactiva Rincón Plan prepared by the Government team in collaboration with the political formations of the municipal corporation.

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