They launch a new line of aid for SMEs and the self-employed with 400,000 euros

They launch a new line of aid for SMEs and the self-employed with 400,000 euros

The City Council of Rincón de la Victoria, through the Department of Economy and Finance, has reported the implementation of "a new line of aid for economic reactivation endowed with 400,000 euros for actions in the economic fabric, maintenance of economic activity and their jobs in the municipality. The councilor of the area, Antonio Fernández (PP), explained that the purpose of this new aid is "to reduce the impact of economic damage on businesses of entrepreneurs and the self-employed, having been affected as a result of the declaration of the State of Alarm for the management of COVID-19, either by temporary closure or by ostensible reduction of at least 75% of its act

Likewise, Fernández has underlined the importance "of adopting these action measures immediately to boost economic activity to achieve the reactivation of the economic fabric of our municipality." The mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), explained that "these aids are intended to alleviate, in the best possible way, the damage caused by the health and economic crisis of COVID-19 to the businessmen of our municipality". "Today we take another step to help local commerce, the small and medium-sized companies that need our support, because they are the key to reviving the economy, and because there is no better social policy than job creation.

In addition, these lines of aid have been agreed with local business and trade associations, and will be compatible with any other subsidy, aid, income or resource from other administrations. Self-employed persons and micro-SMEs will be beneficiaries. The maximum amount of aid will be 1,000 euros, and should be used to mitigate the economic impact of the economic damages resulting from the temporary closure of small retail establishments, businesses by employers and self-employed, having been affected as a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

In the framework of the Despega Program, with a global amount of 600,000 euros, within the Reactiva Rincón Plan, various actions have already been carried out, such as the awareness campaign and support for local commerce called 'Cerca de ti' and the launch of a new online sales tool, the APP `Rincón Market´, which groups the variety and offer of the sector from the Trade Area. The suppression of the occupancy rates of public roads and garbage in establishments, kiosks and markets has also been carried out for seven months.

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