They request a hospital center and the reinforcement of the sanitary personnel in Rincón de la Victoria

They request a hospital center and the reinforcement of the sanitary personnel in Rincón de la Victoria

The plenary session of the City Council of Rincón de la Victoria, held yesterday in person after three months of pandemic, unanimously approved a motion presented by the municipal group of IU in which the Board is asked to build a High Resolution Hospital Center of Specialties (CHARE) in the locality, as well as a reinforcement of the templates in the current facilities due to the crisis of the coronavirus.

?The occasions on which the proposal for the creation of a CHARE in Rincón de la Victoria has been brought to different plenary sessions by IU are reiterated. We have defended the need for this High Resolution Center, which is making us wait and how necessary it is to cover the needs of our neighbors; and because their need is more evident in the face of the new health situation, in order not to collapse hospitals in the capital of Malaga and in the face of new health measures, «they have argued since the formation of the left.

This proposal was already presented previously, the last time was in July 2019, when it was also unanimously approved, "but we had to insist a year later for the application procedures before the Andalusian Government to begin at once" , they have remarked. Likewise, they have again asked that the Andalusian Board be urged, as they did in October 2019, to reinforce the staff of health centers, "especially now that summer is coming and with the situation of health crisis due to the what we are going through », they have added.

In the session, another UI motion was also unanimously approved, requesting the immediate enhancement of various green areas of the municipal area that are underused and even abandoned. ?In these times, outdoor spaces take special relevance, where it is easier to keep the safety distance. In the municipality we have several natural spaces that encompass a wide possibility to get the most out of them in terms of sport, culture and the environment. A multitude of activities and acts that can be carried out not only for the residents of the municipality but can be a tourist attraction ", they have argued since the formation of the left.

These spaces include the Forest-Botanical Park of Hoya de las Cabras, in Añoreta), with more than 10,000 square meters, which is currently abandoned, dirty and with brush "and our neighbors do not stop complaining about this neglect", have pointed from IU. "It is the ideal place to create a nature classroom, to bring both children and adults to know our fauna and flora, and condition and maintain it as an open recreation site," they noted.

On the other hand, the Archaeological Park of the Mediterranean, next to the Cuevas del Tesoro with 90,000 square meters, constitutes a space in which its archaeological value can be made compatible with a socio-cultural use that allows its promotion and enjoyment among the neighbors. Finally, the Senda de Las Piletas, in Parque Victoria, a private road but for public use, "requires its conditioning, as it has been seen to be a very busy place for walks and hiking," they have finished.

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