They will analyze new bone remains found in the whisk where Dana Leonte was sought

They will analyze new bone remains found in the whisk where Dana Leonte was sought

The special search device deployed on Saturday in the mountains between Arenas, Sedella and Salares has had more than 300 troops, including hunters, mountaineers, Civil Guard, Civil Protection and Firefighters, who traveled for more than eight hours about 300 hectares of land , very steep and with steep slopes, in search of new remains of the young Romanian Dana Leonte, disappeared since last June 12, of which only a femur has appeared.

His romantic partner, Sergio Ruiz, has been in provisional detention, communicated and without bail since last September 28, accused of a suspected crime of manslaughter. The specialists divided the search environment into eight zones and divided into as many groups. The area was very complicated orographically, with numerous ravines, full of weeds and very steep slopes. In their journey, the specialists located various bone remains. The vast majority were discarded in situ by the coroner who participated because they were clearly animals. However, at least two offered more doubts, so they have been referred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Malaga to see if they are also of anima

In the whisk some remains of used clothing were also located, which will also be analyzed, although it was initially ruled out that they were from the Romanian girl. The advanced command post of the operation was located on the esplanade of the Vélez-Málaga fairgrounds, where the subdelegate of the central government in the province, María Gámez, traveled at noon, accompanied by the colonel of the Civil Guard Commander in Malaga , Jesús Esteban, and of the mayors of the capital of the Axarquía, Antonio Moreno Ferrer (PSOE), and of Arenas, Manuel Ríos (PP), together with the mayors of both consistories. Gámez said that the operation was "an important milestone" in thi

Previous remains

"I want to thank the volunteer hunters and mountaineers - called by the Andalusian federations of both disciplines - who have come to this call because they are specialists and great connoisseurs of the land," said the deputy delegate of the central government in the province. At the command post the agents had several computers and screens deployed with which they monitored the search in real time. In the area of ??the mountain there was also a forensic doctor, as SUR advanced in his edition yesterday. "It is an arduous and complicated work that does not overshadow the magnificent work that the Civil Guard has done since the first day of the disappearance," sa

The area in which it was sought, with the help of a helicopter of the Armed Institute, corresponded to the environment where on September 21, a neighbor's dog located a young woman's femur. In the following weeks, Civil Guard agents found other human bones, specifically a fibula, part of a tibia and several vertebrae, which are waiting to be analyzed with DNA tests. The sub-delegate of the central government in the province declined to assess the family's decision to rent the family home of Arenas where the crime of Dana Leonte allegedly occurred on June 12, and the sale of Sergio Ruiz's car, in the that would have moved the body to the mountain. "For us, the impo

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