Vélez-Málaga celebrates two extraordinary plenary sessions in barely half an hour

Vélez-Málaga celebrates two extraordinary plenary sessions in barely half an hour

1,200 euros for just 30 minutes of full. This is what they will perceive 13 of the 25 councilors that make up the municipal corporation of Vélez-Málaga, those who are not released with a salary, for attending yesterday two sessions of extraordinary and urgent nature, in which they addressed two issues of procedure : the approval of the two local holidays for 2020 and a budget modification to avoid losing autonomic aid to fix a rural road located between Cabrillas and Almayate.

The first of the issues was approved unanimously by all the groups: PSOE, GIPMTM, PP and Andalusia by Yes, while in the second case, the subsidy of 144,000 euros, the popular voted against and the Andalusians abstained. PP spokesman, Francisco Delgado, said they did not agree to withdraw a budget line for the expansion of Benajarafe day center to cover this aid.

The socialist spokesman, Víctor González, explained that the celebration of the two extraordinary and urgent plenaries separately and consecutively responded "to a decision of the secretary". In this regard, announced that the four councilors of the government that are not released will only charge one, 600 euros. The leader of the PP pointed out that they will allocate part of the money to help the soup kitchen of Emmaus. The popular ones will have a liberated mayor, Luis García.

In the convocation of the first plenary session, it was gathered that the extraordinary and urgent nature of the session is justified "in order to comply with the deadline established in article 3 of Decree 461/2019 for the communication of local holidays, which is of two months and ends, therefore, the next 14 of the currents, so it is impossible to deal with it in the next ordinary session ».

Thus, the holidays in 2020 in the capital of the Axarquía will be on July 24, coinciding with the Torre del Mar Fair, and on September 29, on the occasion of the Royal San Miguel Fair. The session was chaired by the first deputy mayor, Jesus Carlos Pérez Atencia, who acted as accidental mayor, in the absence for personal reasons of the Velenian councilor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer (PSOE).

Delgado took advantage of this situation to tell the leader of the independent party Torreño that we are "before a historic day, for the first time the councilor of a party that wants to break and separate a part of the municipality presides over the plenary session of Vélez-Málaga City Council," Allusion to the independence aspirations of the GIPMTM, a claim that in recent years Pérez Atencia has left aside, betting on a project for the entire municipality. Not in vain, in the last municipal elections they achieved their best historical result, with seven councilors, the same as the PSOE.

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