Vélez-Málaga fully approves the new regulation of the Social Council

Vélez-Málaga fully approves the new regulation of the Social Council

The plenary session of the Vélez-Málaga City Council has initially approved the new organic regulatory regulations of the City Social Council this Friday, with the favorable vote of the bipartite government government team, PSOE and GIPMTM, and the opposition's rejection of PP and Andalucía por Sí, who have criticized "the lack of participation in the elaboration process". From the bipartite government, they have ensured that this reform "includes a greater number of members and modifies other aspects to make procedures more agile and citizens more involved in key issues for the development of the municipality."

In this sense, 'working committees' are incorporated as a novelty in this council to give greater effectiveness when raising proposals to promote the development of the functions and competences of the council, in addition to the participation of a councilor by political group, representatives of trade union organizations as well as professional associations, neighborhood, business and consumer associations increase from one to two and representatives of the existing social councils in the city, such as the Social Services, Women, Environment and Culture, as well as representatives of the Techno-food Park, farmers associations, financial entities with foundations linked to soc

"This is a new macrostructure of citizen participation that the Vélez-Málaga City Council makes available to residents, associations and groups to ensure that all their concerns, suggestions and queries are addressed in decision-making through the Social Council, of the regulations for Citizen Participation, Participatory Budgets and other municipal instruments for this purpose, «they have stated in a press release.

The plenary session also approved, unanimously, a motion to include next to the name of the streets of Vélez-Málaga a plaque and a QR code, as a legend, where the person who gives the street its name is briefly described. or the historical meaning of the name of it. The intention is to begin to intervene in the historic center of the city, constituting for this purpose a working table with the participation of Francisco Montoro, professor and historian author of numerous books on the history of Vélez-Málaga, and Purificación Ruiz, municipal archivist of Vélez-Málaga for many years and author of the book 'The streets of the city of Vélez-Málaga', in addition to other r

A proposal regarding the application of improvements in the schools of the municipality was unanimously approved but with an amendment based on making an inventory with the needs of all the nursery and primary educational centers of the municipality, as well as the music conservatory of Torre del Mar, including also requesting the Andalusian Government «to collaborate in the application of concrete and security measures for the resumption of the 2020/2021 school year; Emphasizing the amendment, in addition, that the competences in infrastructure of schools are held by the Andalusian Government and not by the City Council «, they have added.

Similarly, the plenary unanimously approved a proposal on urban planning that involves applying the emergency procedure provided for in Article 33.1 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations to a modification specific of the General Plan of Urban Planning (PGOU) of Vélez-Málaga in order to reduce the terms and other legal procedures in half and approve said modification. "All this within the common priority of public administrations to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19, to facilitate the recovery of productive activity and to promote urban development, with the consequent generation of wealth and employment in the mun

Rubén Portillo, cultural ambassador of flamenco

As a tenth point of the plenary, at the request of the PSOE, it was unanimously approved to support the proposal made by the El Borge City Council in the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol Axarquía for the appointment of Rubén Portillo Ponce as 'Cultural Ambassador of Flamenco' de la Axarquía, but with an addendum to include in the original proposal two other figures such as Rocío Molina and Antonio Guerra, at the proposal of the GIPMTM and PP spokespersons, respectively.

In urgent matters, three motions flourished. The first of them to prepare a Municipal Plan against the illegal squatting of homes, in collaboration with the Andalusian Government, so that measures are adopted to guarantee the safety and citizen coexistence against this matter, enhancing the surveillance of buildings liable to be invaded, as well as cooperation between the Security Forces and the Justice Administration to ensure prompt action and the return of the 'squatted' properties.

The second and third to urge the Government of Spain, on the one hand, to pay the Andalusian Government of the pending amounts of VAT, the distribution of state funds to fight the coronavirus, active employment policies and extraordinary financing to attend Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA). And, on the other, to respect and guarantee the autonomy of local entities to manage resources.

Other motions presented in plenary by the Andalucía por Sí group were withdrawn or did not prosper "as these are issues that have already been executed and resolved by the municipal government (PSOE-GIPMTM), such as the reopening of the sports pavilion to resume the trainings, the installation of air conditioning in the Municipal Retail Market or the repair of the sewage pipeline located in the Cajiz stream; three actions that are already a reality or are being worked on so that their treatment or approval in the plenary session does not proceed ", have ended from the municipal government.

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