Vélez-Málaga incorporates a new appointment management system to avoid displacement and waiting

Vélez-Málaga incorporates a new appointment management system to avoid displacement and waiting

Public administrations continue to try to adapt to the restrictions and norms of the 'new normal' derived from the coronavirus pandemic. In this context, the Vélez-Málaga City Council, through the areas of New Technologies, Citizen Participation and Citizen Services, have presented a new queue and appointment management system that will avoid, "among other things, unnecessary travel and you are waiting for the neighbors to carry out any administrative procedure », according to councilors Juan Carlos Muñoz (GIPMTM) and Cynthia García (PSOE).

In this way, the mayor of New Technologies has stated that «the City Council had a queue management system that only allowed the request of attention in person at the OAC offices located in Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar, in addition the facilities were completely independent, so they did not allow the information to be unified, forcing it to be duplicated for each one ».

?We have contracted an application for centralized queue management, which allows managing and controlling face-to-face and non-face-to-face visits (email, phone calls, etc.) made by citizens to the OAC municipal offices. It works with a ticket system that will be called by means of a sound and visual warning, with the ticket code and table, on a screen that has been placed in each of the offices in Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar, where it will be possible to offer municipal and multimedia outstanding information ?, he detailed.

The councilor pointed out that «the application allows the configuration of different management queues according to the procedures that citizens want to carry out, optimizing the service and minimizing waiting times. On the other hand, a website is included, at the address https://citaprevia.velezmalaga.es, where you can request a face-to-face appointment both for the OAC offices and for the other municipal units ». According to Muñoz, ?we started with the OAC and we will gradually incorporate new units into the system. It is a very useful website especially with the health restrictions related to COVID-19, avoiding unnecessary trips to request an appointment and minimizing the

Health situation

This system will allow you to choose an appointment to be attended in person at an OAC office (Vélez-Málaga, Torre del Mar, Almayate, Caleta and Benajarafe) for a specific day and time, according to the care schedules defined by the OAC. When the health situation allows the sanitary criteria to be relaxed, "we will allow the request for tickets in person for the current day, by using a kiosk that includes a touch screen and a thermal printer, installed in Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar", Muñoz has added.

Attentions will be coded using procedure types, which will allow, together with all the data that is collected (service time, waiting time, etc.) to obtain service statistics. According to the mayor, «it is the first municipal internal management application that we are going to use in the cloud, since it is developed in a web environment compatible with the most widely used browsers on the market. The successful bidder will be in charge of managing the servers (hardware, applications, third-party licenses, etc.) where it is hosted, communications, and the security systems necessary to ensure compliance with the National Security Scheme (ENS) , incident resolution (servers, third-par

The Councilor for Citizen Participation, Cynthia García, recalled that, since the plan to reopen the Citizen Services Offices was launched on May 21, it has worked intensively from the different offices of the municipality to provide the best service public, reaching a total of 12,700 people by appointment. "COVID-19 has led to a new situation in which we must be aware that the way of working in some aspects has changed, but we have managed to favor more personalized attention than before, speeding up procedures, since the neighbor is previously informed by phone so you can go with the corresponding documentation already prepared, "said Garcia.

"Nor can we forget that in these moments of pandemic there is a priority in all municipal services, which is to guarantee the health and safety of both workers and users," added the mayor of Vela, who thanked the New Technologies area for attending the request for Citizen Participation to implement this new online appointment management application and queues for the OAC, further improving the attention provided by the Citizen Services Offices.

Main facade of the Veleño Town Hall. / SUR New regulation of the Social Council The City Council of Vélez-Málaga will take to the plenary session this Friday the initial approval of the new Organic Regulatory Regulation of the Social Council of the City, which with its reform includes a greater number of members and modifies other aspects to give greater agility to the procedures and greater participation to the citizenry, according to the councilor for Citizen Participation, Cynthia García. The Social Council is a municipal body owned by municipalities with a large population, chaired in this case by the mayor of Vela, the socialist Antonio Moreno Ferrer,

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