Vélez-Málaga seeks alternatives to locate the day fair for the pedestrianization works of the historic center

Vélez-Málaga seeks alternatives to locate the day fair for the pedestrianization works of the historic center

The Royal Fair of San Miguel de Vélez-Málaga, which will take place from September 25 to 29, cannot be held during the day in the historic center, due to the delay accumulated by the pedestrianization works of the Plaza de Las Carmelitas. The work started last April, with an expected execution period of six months. However, the discovery of various archaeological remains in the excavations is causing the end date to be an unknown, so that the City Council has already put to work to find an alternative for day parties, with bars and booths, which are traditionally mounted in this environment.

Thus, the Councilor for Fairs and Festivals, Lola Gámez (PSOE), accompanied by the staff of said municipal delegation, met last week with the groups involved in the celebration of the Royal Fair of San Miguel to assess and decide, «jointly and in a consensual way », the spaces in which this year's event will take place. The night fair, with the booths and attractions, remains on the esplanade next to the El Ingenio shopping center, in the area known as Prado del Rey.

«For this edition of the big party of the city opens the possibility that the day fair can be held in the same night fairground, as an alternative to the historic center, which has been placed on the table to know the opinions and impressions about all attendees and assess possible alternatives, always with the ultimate goal of putting in value as the Royal Local Fair deserves », argued from the bipartite government team, PSOE and GIPMTM, in a statement.

According to this press release, the Consistory is "aware that any change is always complicated and may not please one hundred percent of the citizenry," so "it does not want to reach a conclusion unilaterally in any case and wants to have very carefully, in advance, the opinions of all the groups, brotherhoods, merchants and associations involved in the realization of the fair; hence, this first meeting has been convened and to which some more will happen in the next few days until the definitive location is defined and made public, ?they said.

In this regard, the councilor responsible for Fairs and Festivals of Veracruz, Lola Gámez, stressed that ?the important and main thing is to strengthen our local party, reactivate the night fair so as not to lose it and make our Royal Fair of San Miguel a powerful attractive for locals and visitors from all over the province ».

«Having clear that fundamental objective, from the City Council we will do everything on our part so that nobody feels harmed by the possible changes and to collaborate with all those involved in what is necessary, both economically and with material resources; for the good of the citizens, of the municipality of Vélez-Málaga and of our festival, ?added Gámez.

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