Vélez-Málaga, the sixth city council in Spain that takes the longest to pay suppliers

Vélez-Málaga, the sixth city council in Spain that takes the longest to pay suppliers

The Municipality of Vélez-Málaga is in the top ten of the most delinquent municipalities in Spain, being the sixth that takes the longest to pay its bills to suppliers with 164 days on average, thus five times the legal payment period, which is set to 30 days. This is stated in a report by the National Federation of Self-Employed Associations (ATA) on the average payment periods comparing the average payment terms in June 2019 and the average payment periods just one year later, in which it is indicated that Jaén continues to be the Andalusian municipality that takes the longest to pay in Spain, doing so in an average of 693 days (almost two years after submitting the invoice). The

This means that Andalusia has six cities in the top ten of most delinquent municipalities. This is data that is very distant from that presented by the municipalities that perform a better management of their invoices and not only comply with the Default Law but also pay in less than two weeks. Thus, ATA highlights Ávila, which pays its bills in 3 days; Zamora, in 5, and Salamanca, in 8 days. Also noteworthy for prompt payment: Dos Hermanas (7 days), Ciudad Real (8 days on average), Alicante and Coslada (9 days on average), Vigo and Barcelona (10 days on average) and Cornellà (11 days on average).

The Veleño City Council takes twice as long as Marbella's on average when it comes to paying bills to its suppliers. The Marbella Town Hall is making payments in 80 days. Mijas, on the other hand, is in 70 days, while Malaga capital is in 28, and Fuengirola in 16.

According to the report released by ATA, Andalusia is the fourth autonomous community that previously pays its suppliers, with 18 days on average. Regarding the provincial councils (island councils in the case of the Canary Islands and insular councils in the case of the Balearic Islands), at the end of June 2020, Cuenca stands out for its speed when it comes to paying suppliers with an average of 4 days. The Malaga council is 65 days away, according to ATA.

The spokesman for the municipal group PP in the Veleño City Council, Francisco Delgado, assured yesterday at a press conference that, according to a report from the municipal Treasury released on August 31 in the Local Government Board, the average payment period of the Consistory is 176.22 days. "It is absolutely unfortunate that Vélez-Málaga is in the ranking of the municipalities that take the longest to pay, which we have been denouncing as active and passive," said the mayor in opposition.

For Delgado, in this situation there are only two solutions, that the City Council consigns a budget item to lower this average or the intervention of the Consistory by the General Administration of the State or the Junta de Andalucía, so that the amounts owed are paid to suppliers directly through the amounts received by the municipality as a share in the State or Autonomous Community income.

Far from improving, the term has been increased. In the first semester of 2019, Vélez-Málaga the average term was 115 days, according to the ATA report corresponding to that period.

The Councilor for the Treasury, David Vilches, explained that one of the things that are making the average payment period so high in the case of the Veleño City Council is because there are a large number of invoices prior to January 1, 2014, which is the period from which this period is calculated. "It also happens that we are still paying invoices for 2007, without thinking that with this we are increasing the average payment term," said the mayor.

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