Vélez-Málaga will move the day fair to the Andalusian promenade for the pedestrianization works of Las Carmelitas square

Vélez-Málaga will move the day fair to the Andalusian promenade for the pedestrianization works of Las Carmelitas square

The Royal Fair of San Miguel de Vélez-Málaga will continue to maintain its structure, with a day fair in the historic center and another at night in the Prado del Rey fairgrounds, next to the El Ingenio shopping center. However, this year, the celebrations in the historic center will move from the Plaza de Las Carmelitas to the Paseo de Andalucía, due to the pedestrianization works of the first environment, which started last April and will not be finished by the end of September . This has been agreed by the City Council after holding three meetings with neighborhood and business groups, which came to raise the possibility of unifying the entire program in the fairground located h

However, this proposal did not please the groups, who have defended that the fair be maintained in the surroundings of the historic center of the capital of the Axarquía. Thus, as highlighted on Wednesday from the bipartite government team, PSOE and GIPMTM, the next edition of the Velez-Malaga fair, which will take place from September 25 to 29, "will shine with its own light one more year filling the streets and squares of the center during the day, and the fairground during the night, with many activities for young, old and old, locals and visitors to enjoy. "

"As every year, in addition to the fairground at night, which will be loaded with numerous attractions and musical shows of great quality, in the city center different spaces for performances and other activities will be enabled during the day, in addition to favoring that local merchants enhance their activity during those holidays in the municipality, "they explained in a press release. Thus, as they have stated, this year, on the occasion of the works that are being carried out for the pedestrianization of the Plaza de Las Carmelitas, "the bars that are usually located in this space, plus some that will be incorporated, will be placed in the esplanade next to the sta

The Councilor for Fairs and Festivals, Lola Gámez (PSOE), accompanied by the staff of said municipal delegation, has held different meetings with the groups involved in the celebration of the Royal Fair of San Miguel; specifically on August 6, 12 and 13 in the plenary hall of the Consistorio veleño, in order to assess and decide, jointly and by consensus, the improvements to be applied this September and the possible alternatives for the changes that were necessary Apply. "All this with the objective that the fair day and night maintain their spaces and put in value as the local party deserves", they have remarked.

"The City Council works throughout the year to enhance one of the most important local festivities of the municipality, and to reactivate the historic center at the same time that it is favored that the night fair is not lost, and thus make the Real Feria of San Miguel de Vélez-Málaga, a powerful attraction for locals and visitors from all over the province; for the good of the citizens, the municipality and the festival, "they have argued, while they have announced that they will soon be publicly announced the details of the program of the Royal Fair of San Miguel of 2019, both day and night.

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