Vélez-Málaga will subsidize the terraces and street markets by 95% in 2021

Vélez-Málaga will subsidize the terraces and street markets by 95% in 2021

Malaga's municipalities continue to try to offset the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the taxpayers' pocket. The plenary session of Vélez-Málaga, held electronically, has approved this Friday a package of tax credits and exemptions that will be applied for the next fiscal year of 2021. Specifically, it has been agreed to discount the occupancy rate of 95% of the public street with tables, chairs, displays, platforms and similar items, as well as in the municipal street markets. In the following years, the amount of the fee will be recovered "based on the improvement in the economic activity of these activities".

From the bipartite government team, from PSOE and GIPMTM, they have considered that ?the majority of businesses that generate these taxable events are small businesses and hotel and restaurant establishments and are those that most need this fiscal support to recover the losses caused by the alarm state ». The Councilor for Finance, David Vilches (GIPMTM), stressed that these are measures designed to reach as many people as possible, detailing that there will be some 850,000 euros in total that will be used for these rate reductions, which will be will add to the three million that will go to social measures.

The plenary has again rejected a motion by the PP for new aid to pay for the IBI to be implemented in this exercise, after the judicial annulment of those that existed until 2018 since 2008. The matter has once again generated an intense debate between the bipartisan government and the main opposition party, with accusations about responsibility for the ruling that has left 35,000 taxpayers without aid, who will have to face a tax increase of about four million euros for this year.

In the field of IBI, it has been agreed to extend to the sixth year the discount of the full quota in Officially Protected Housing (VPO) and comparable. Until now, the City Council has been subsidizing the first three fiscal years from the next to the definitive classification as protected housing, which will now also apply to the fourth, fifth and sixth year.

Also in relation to the IBI, a bonus of up to 95% has been approved in the quota of rustic goods of agricultural cooperatives and community land exploitation, as well as in those properties in which economic activities declared as special municipal interest or utility. This latest 95% discount includes properties where activities are carried out that have seen their operation paralyzed due to the state of alarm, although limiting the amount to a maximum of 200 euros per receipt. Likewise, a 50% discount will be applied to sustainable establishments that have installed systems for thermal and / or electrical use from solar energy. The discount in these cases will be applied during the

The plenary session also unanimously approved advancing the procedure for requesting improvement actions on rural roads in the municipality through the Plan Itínere (Rural Roads Improvement Plan of Andalusia), financed by the European Agrarian Fund for Rural Development (FEADER). The municipal government has requested improvements in this year's call for the 'Camino de los Estudiantes', located in the town of Triana, and the 'Camino de Las Casillas', located in Vélez-Málaga and that connects with the municipality of Arenas, since two is the maximum number of projects allowed.

San Francisco Market Audit

The budget requested by Vélez-Málaga is 447,636 euros to act on 13,665 square meters of road, benefiting a total of 150 agricultural parcels from the surroundings of both areas and the Andalusian Government has requested a plenary agreement between the admissibility criteria of the requests, hence the motion has been addressed in order to promote improvements in the infrastructure of access to the agricultural holdings of the municipality and, consequently, increase their productive potential and competitiveness.

Likewise, the green light has been unanimously given to the creation of a local revitalization plan in the field of public works to improve local infrastructures and to the creation of a registry of local companies, as a measure of reactivation of economic activity and the employment in the municipality with special attention to the construction sector. However, from the municipal government it has been pointed out that already today the vast majority of providers of public works in the municipality are local companies.

The session also approved the creation of a special plenary commission in reference to the San Francisco Market and the power to carry out a management audit in order to find the best way to revitalize this equipment to put in value this gastronomic and artisan space of the city ??center that also houses different cultural and leisure activities. The tenth motion on the agenda was approved by points, and not as a whole, the first and fourth unanimously prospering, relating to urging the Government of Spain to create a fund that allows local entities to assume the management of Minimum Income It is vital to have sufficient resources and attend to said management in an appropriate m

The two motions presented by the municipal group of Andalusia by themselves did not prosper since from the government team it was argued that efforts are already being made in this regard, in the same way that there are different Citizen Services Offices available to the City Council for any question that the neighbors need.

In urgent matters, the calendar of traditional festivities of the municipality for 2020 was approved since, with this approval, the catering and catering establishments of the municipal term are recognized the right to extend their opening hours by two hours coinciding with those dates, although the corresponding fairs and pilgrimages are not held this year on the occasion of COVID-19. This is done with the sole objective of promoting economic activity in this sector, which has been hit hard by the effects of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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