Video: The thirteen days of Julen's rescue that marked Totalán

Video: The thirteen days of Julen's rescue that marked Totalán

A year ago Totalán was transformed and here nothing and nobody has been the same again. A year after Julen's tragedy, today that feeling of anguish returns that on January 13, 2019, Ángel García Vidal, representative of the Road Engineers Association and spokesperson of the technical operation, felt. That day Julen's two-year-old body was trapped in a well over a hundred meters away and Angel took the lead in the design of the rescue operation. A historical rescue, the largest search operation in the history of Spain, which unfortunately could not end in a miracle.

Like Alfonso Parada, firefighter from Malaga who does not forget the call that triggered those thirteen days of anxiety. Three hundred people involved in the rescue and coordinating the needs was Daniel Alcaide of Civil Protection willing, he says, to look for whatever it was at any time. There was no lack of voluntary hands. Mari Carmen is one of the many neighbors who was in charge of cooking to give strength and after the time remains with the humanity that people demonstrated during those days.

The neighbors of Totalán do not forget those days. Nor are those of El Palo, a neighborhood in Malaga where Julen's parents live. Today they concentrate again to show their full support to a family that tries to recover their day to day after that tragedy.

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